7 billion and counting

There is no possible way to justify pushing out another life into a world with over 7 billion people. Dear delirious "oh my god, I'm pregnant" women. Get a grip - adopt if you need some sort of life justification but trust me -the world doesn't need another one of you no matter how much organic crap you fill your $2,000 fridge with. 


No lives matter

Here is a newsflash for all you fuckers waving about #blacklivesmatter flags or now coplivesmatter or maybe just livesmatter. 

They don't. No one fucking cares. There are over 7 billion assholes and mouths on this planet that eat and shit every day. That is at least 2 billion more than matters. Let the pious and relatives, friends and family grieve but at the end of the day no one really gives a shit.